TePe® Choice™


The TePe Choice is a sustainable, soft bristle toothbrush with a reusable wooden handle and three replaceable brush heads. The soft end-rounded filaments and tapered brush head make for a gentle and efficient cleaning.

We want to make it easier for you to make good choices with your oral hygiene. Simply keep the reusable wooden handle and replace the brush head. Replacing only the brush head on this toothbrush, means 80% less plastic waste*.

  • Soft end-rounded bristles for gentle and effective cleaning
  • Contains 1 Reusable handle made from Swedish beech wood and 3 replaceable brush heads.
  • Small, tapered brush head for improved access
  • 80% less plastic thanks to replaceable brush heads*
  • Plant-based coating on handle to minimise moisture absorption

The TePe toothbrush is available in four colours; light pink, forest green, dark pastel blue and light grey. Colour will be selected at random. 

*80% less plastic vs regular similar sized manual toothbrush

How to Use

Use the toothbrush twice a day, morning and evening, along with toothpaste to ensure good oral hygiene.

How to change the brush heads?

Replacing the brush head is quite simple. Just turn the brush head counterclockwise. Make sure that the wooden handle is dry when attaching the new brush head. Now turn the brush head clockwise. Make sure there is no gap between the neck and the shaft.

Delivery Information

Delivery charge $10.

Free delivery for individual orders over $85.