TePe® Universal Care™


TePe Universal Care™  has a unique angle to facilitate access in hard-to-reach areas. Optimal for cleaning on inside surfaces and along the gum line of natural teeth, implants, lingual braces, or retainers.

TePe Universal Care is an innovative special brush, designed with an angled neck and small, oval shaped brush head for excellent access to hard-to-reach areas. The slim brush head facilitates cleaning even in very narrow areas. Can be angled in hot water for better access.

  • Facilitates cleaning in narrow and hard-to-reach areas
  • Soft end-rounded filaments to ensure a safe and gentle cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning of inside surface
  • Facilitates cleaning around the back teeth 

Colour will be selected at random.

How to Use

As a complement to the regular toothbrush, TePe Universal Care facilitates cleaning lingual surfaces and along the gum line of natural teeth, implants, prosthetic constructions, fixed lingual braces, retainers and retroclined teeth.

The Universal Care is suitable for all individuals; children should be assisted by an adult. The frequency of use is based upon individual needs and recommendations.

Rinse and let air dry after each use.

Delivery Information

Delivery charge $10.

Free delivery for individual orders over $85.