TePe® Interspace™


Style: Soft (1 handle + 12 tips)

Soft (1 handle + 12 tips)
Medium (1 handle + 12 tips)

TePe Interspace is an angled, single-tuft brush with replaceable brush tips. The angled head and the pointed tip improve access to hard-to-reach areas.

TePe Interspace has an angled head and pointed tip for cleaning of bars, implant-supported constructions, attachments for overdentures, and fixed braces. The brush is also perfect for cleaning along the gum line, crowded teeth, furcations, emerging teeth, and impacted wisdom teeth. Additional areas of use can occur upon recommendation from a dental professional.

  • Optimal for cleaning furcations, implants, fixed braces, or the last tooth
  • Brush tip can be attached to either side of the neck for different angles
  • Neck can be angled for easier reach

Comes with 12 replaceable brush tips. Bristles available in soft & medium.

Colour will be selected at random.

How to Use

The removable brush tip can be attached to either side of the neck to change the angle of the brush head, which gives optimal access to hard-to-reach areas.

Rinse and let air dry after each use and change the tip when it is worn out by screwing the tip by hand.

Delivery Information

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