TePe® EasyPick™


Color: Orange (XS/S)

Orange (XS/S)
Blue (M/L)
Purple (XL)

Pack Quantity: 12 EasyPicks

12 EasyPicks
36 EasyPicks

TePe EasyPick™ is an easy and efficient way to clean between teeth, leaving the mouth fresh and healthy. Daily use keeps gum and teeth healthy and fresh.

TePe EasyPick™ is developed in close collaboration with dental experts. The core is both stable and flexible, and the silicone coating cleans efficiently between the teeth and feels comfortable on the gums. The non-slip grip ensures a steady cleaning. EasyPick is available in three sizes: XS/S for narrow to very narrow gaps, M/L for medium to large gaps, XL for very large gaps.

  • Easy cleaning between teeth, also while wearing braces
  • Unique design and silicone coating ensure efficient and gentle cleaning
  • The flexible and strong TePe EasyPick allows easy reach even between the back teeth
How to Use

1. Insert between your teeth and move back and forth a few times.

2. Use daily for efficient plaque removal.

Size guide for Toothpicks - TePe Easypick

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