TePe® Denture Care™


TePe Denture Care™ with extra-long and strong bristles is an optimal brush to clean the removable denture.

TePe Denture Care™ is a special brush with extra-long, strong bristles to ensure good accessibility and efficient cleaning without causing any damage to the removable denture. The denture brush is designed to resemble a conventional toothbrush and the handle can be bent backwards for an improved grip.

  • Efficient and safe cleaning of removable dentures
  • Brush head can be bent backwards for improved grip and accessibility 

Colour will be selected at random.

How to Use

TePe Denture Care should be used with a non-abrasive denture cleanser or neutral soap, not toothpaste. The frequency of use is based upon individual needs and recommendations.

Rinse and let air dry after each use.

Delivery Information

Delivery charge $10.

Free delivery for individual orders over $85.