Special Brushes – for different oral hygiene needs

As a complement to the regular toothbrush, we offer a wide range of special brushes. Wisdom teeth, dental implants or braces – no matter what your needs are, there are special devices to make cleaning easier.

TePe Implant Care™

An innovative implant brush with a unique design for easy access. The angle of the neck provides improved access to difficult to reach surfaces of implants. The slim shape of the brush head facilitates cleaning even in very narrow areas. Soft, end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning. Tips & advice about implant care

TePe Implant/Orthodontic Brush

This special toothbrush for implant and orthodontic care has soft filaments in two rows, an extra narrow brush head and a long, thin neck, which facilitates access and cleaning close to implants and orthodontic wires.

TePe Special Care™

Special Care is very gentle with 12,000 extremely soft filaments. This toothbrush is recommended for brushing after oral surgery and for patients with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy. Two brush head sizes; red: regular, blue: compact. The compact model is recommended for children and for patients with swelling and difficulty opening their mouths.

TePe Gentle Care™

Gentle Care is recommended for the same patient groups as Special Care but is adapted to those who can use a somewhat firmer toothbrush. Use for brushing after oral surgery, as stage two after Special Care. Gentle Care can also be used as a complement to ordinary toothbrushes, e.g. for sensitive gums and teeth.

TePe Compact Tuft™

This special toothbrush has a small, dome-shaped tuft and short, Soft/Gentle filaments. The stable handle and dense, firm tuft make this brush ideal for precision cleaning of difficult to reach areas. The toothbrush is suitable for cleaning around fixed orthodontic appliances, attachments for overdentures or along the gum line. It is also ideal for brushing children's erupting molars. How to use Compact Tuft


TePe Interspace™

An angled toothbrush with a pointed tuft,, which improves access to difficult to reach areas, such as furcations and the distal surface of the last tooth. The interchangeable brush-tip can be attached to either side of the toothbrush handle for different angles. Three color-coded softness choices: white - medium, yellow - soft, and red - x-soft. One handle and twelve brush-tips in a packet. How to use Interspace

TePe Denture Brush

The denture brush has extra long, strong filaments to ensure good accessibility and efficient cleaning without causing any damage. The toothbrush handle can be bent backwards for improved grip. The denture brush is designed to resemble a conventional toothbrush. How to use our Denture Brush

Brush Head Cap

A simple, practical brush head cap, which suits all TePe toothbrushes and most special brushes. The cap has air holes for good ventilation and is easy to open and close.

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