Company Leadership

TePe is a privately held company based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is owned by the Henning Eklund family who founded it in 1965. Joel Eklund is the grandson of Henning Eklund, and third generation owner of TePe.

Joel Eklund

Chairman of the board

"TePe’s vision and guiding principle is to bring healthy smiles for life, by inspiring good oral health.”


Our Management Team

Meet our management team – each bringing their experience and perspective to the strategic development of the business, and letting their day-to-day leadership be guided by TePe’s core values: respect, dedication, cost efficiency and responsibility.

Hanna Hageberg Hammar


"Our financial stability and growth enable long-term business decisions and constant improvements that promote opportunities for our customers and co-workers."

Laurent Berthelot

Operations Director

"All our expertise gathered under one roof, from odontologists, marketing and innovation to the broad skills within manufacturing, is a strength which allows for continuous development and flexibility. Thereby, we can meet and exceed our high standards of efficiency, quality and sustainability"

Helen Richenzhagen

Global Sales Director

"Continuously expanding our international network of dedicated distributors and ambassadors gives us the opportunity to stimulate oral health awareness for people worldwide."

Jonas Andersson


"Financial stability and growth enable sustainable business decisions and improvements which promote a positive development for our team members, customers, society, and the environment."

Katia Saltidou

Marketing Director

"We aim to inspire and create conditions for healthy smiles worldwide. To meet people’s everyday self-care needs, we work closely with health- and oral care professionals, highlighting the importance of sustainable lifestyle choices."

Anne-Kristin Ottosson

Portfolio Director

"Through our innovative solutions, we want to contribute to long-term health and a better quality of life for people. We can only achieve this by integrating knowledge and sustainability in everything we do."