TePe’s selection of interdental brushes offers great options for every need – make your choice among a variety of sizes and models and maintain your dental hygiene for a flawless smile. 

The interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts to ensure the highest utility and quality, in every little detail.

What is an interdental brush?


What is Interdental Cleaning? 

An interdental brush is a small brush designed for cleaning between your teeth where a regular toothbrush doesn’t reach. These mini brushes for teeth are small and come with bristles on one end that can easily fit in between your teeth to clean out any plaque that has accumulated throughout the day. 

Using an interdental brush every day as a complement to the conventional brushing of your teeth is an easy and efficient method to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy.

 Interdental brushes for your oral hygiene

Even the best toothbrush can’t reach between the teeth like floss. And even the best quality floss can’t properly brush the side of your teeth like a toothbrush can.  

Think of it this way - would you brush only half of your hair before heading out in the morning? Maybe that sounds silly, but so many people do the equivalent with their teeth!

That’s what interdental cleaning is all about - keeping your mouth 100% fresh for optimal health.

Tepe Interdental Options for everyone

TePe’s interdental brushes are designed to fit a wide range of needs and preferences. Your interdental brush comes in several color-coded sizes and models. They include:

  • TePe Interdental Brush Original: These come with a straight brush head, short handle, and nine sizes to pick from.
  • TePe Interdental Brush Soft/Gentle: They come with a straight brush head, short handle, Soft/Gentle filaments, and six sizes.
  • TePe Angle™: You will get an angled brush head, long handle, and six sizes.


Top quality features of TePe’s interdental brushes


Plastic coated wire

Cleaning between your teeth requires a delicate yet firm brush. All sizes and models of TePe’s interdental brushes have a plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning to ensure that your gums are not injured in the process.

The interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around implants or braces after an orthodontic treatment.

Optimal access

TePe interdental brushes are designed to allow you easy access to the furthest corners of your mouth thus ensuring that you can keep your teeth clean in the shortest time possible. The harder it is for you to properly clean your teeth, especially those at the back of your mouth, the less inclined you will be to clean them.

TePe comes with two varieties for optimal access and easy cleaning.

TePe Interdental Brushes Original and Soft/Gentle have a straight neck, while the TePe Angle has a pre-angled neck for better access between the back teeth and from the inside.

The four smallest sizes of TePe Interdental Brushes Original have a flexible neck for even better access.

User-friendly handle

Given the size of the brush and the shape of your mouth, it is important that it fits comfortably in your hand while you are using it. It is why all models have a flat, ergonomic handle for a steady and controlled grip.

You have the option to choose between the longer handle of TePe Angle and a short handle which can be extended with the accompanying plastic cap. The handle is made from recyclable polypropylene.


Instructional Videos

TePe Interdental Brushes

This short film-clip shows how to use TePe Interdental Brushes Original, TePe Angle™, and Extra soft. It's a perfect go-between teeth cleaner.


You can also read on how to use interdental brushes or watch other videos on how to take care of your teeth.



Your interdental brushes come with a variety of teeth cleaning accessories that help you keep your mouth clean and healthy at all times.

Travel Case

You do not have to buy new brushes every time you travel. You can easily carry your interdental brushes using a specially designed travel case. This practical travel case fits six TePe Interdental Brushes Original or Soft/Gentle so you can take your dental hygiene practices with you. It also has air holes for good ventilation.

Cap Handle

The plastic cap that comes with the Original and Soft/Gentle interdental brushes not only offers hygienic protection but is also used to extend the handle. Like the travel case, it includes air holes for good ventilation.


What You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Teeth Using TePe Interdental Brushes

 Interdental brushes

Cleaning between teeth

Your regular toothbrush only cleans the front, the back and the biting surface of the tooth. That, however, is not the only part of your teeth that needs cleaning for healthy and long lasting teeth. Don't forget to clean the surfaces between the teeth, where the bacteria hide.

Maintaining Your Dental Hygiene

There will be particles of food in your mouth even after you brush your teeth. This causes bacterial plaque to constantly form between your teeth. It is impossible to reach it with a regular toothbrush for cleaning between teeth.

The plaque must be removed regularly, or it can cause a number of problems such as gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath. In the late teens, it is time to start cleaning between the teeth every day in order to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

Don't stop cleaning between your teeth if your gums are sore and bleed. Bleeding gums are often a sign of gum inflammation. If you don’t notice an improvement within a few days, contact your dental professional.

When to replace your Interdental Brush

Like normal toothbrushes your interdental brushes are bound to wear out. This can take anywhere between 3 days to a few weeks depending on how much or how hard you use your interdental brush. Make sure to check your brush for wear and tear in order to decide when to replace it.

Can Interdental Brushes damage your Gums?

Interdental brushes will not damage your gums if used properly.

However, you might experience some gum bleed when you first start using an interdental brush. Your gums will get tender as you remove the plaque build-up. The bleeding should reduce and eventually stop after using the brush for a while.

Other reasons for experiencing a gum bleed include using a bigger interdental brush than your teeth allow. Make sure you use the right size of interdental brush to avoid injuring your gums.

Consult your dentist if you experience bleeding after a few days of using TePe interdental brushes.

Interdental cleaning options

There are several ways of cleaning between your teeth, depending on the size of your gaps and what you prefer yourself. An interdental brush is, of course, the most effective method. TePe offers interdental brushes in nine sizes to fit different interdental spaces. This, you will find ideal when looking for interdental brushes for tight teeth to help you get the job done without injuring your gums.

Dental floss can be effective when the interdental spaces are very tight. This is often the first option when you start flossing in the late teens (or earlier if recommended by a dentist). A preloaded floss holder, TePe Mini Flosser™, is an easier way of flossing.


What age should you start interdental cleaning?

Dental professionals usually don’t recommend cleaning between the teeth for young children until all the permanent teeth have emerged completely. If your dentist or hygienist has advised you to start cleaning between the teeth earlier than that, you should, of course, follow this recommendation.


Have more questions about interdental cleaning?

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