What our customers are saying?!

Love these!

I love these toothbrushes for brushing in the gaps between my teeth. So much easier to use than dental floss!

- Peter

My dentist recommended these!

Works well for larger gaps in between teeth. The variety pack lets you figure out the right size needed.

- Jim

Highly recommended!

TEPE Picks are a great product when wearing braces on your teeth.

- Karen

Love these!

Love these - great buy! I have lots of dental issues going on and multi procedures at my oral surgeon right now. These are soft yet sturdy to clean out any food trapped in teeth and wonderful at applying the benzocaine dentist prescribes me to use for pain.

- Warren

Wish I found them sooner!

Recommend by my new Periondontist. Wish I had known about it earlier - it solves problems for cleaning the spaces between teeth. TePe has a variety of sizes where as other interdental brushes do not. They are also stronger!

- Carita

Amazing product!

I was looking for a complete Ortho kit and this is the only one I could find. It has everything you need to care for your braces. Can't say enough, will for sure be reordering this kit.

- Tatiana

Replacements for floss!

These are good replacements for dental floss when your teeth are so close that dental floss breaks while flossing. The handle makes it easy to get between my back teeth.

- Michael

Great product!

Recommended by my dentist and dental hygienist. Far healthier to use than toothpicks, and works exceptionally well with dental floss after brushing. I recommend!

- Karen

Great product!

Because of the different sizes offered, use can be customized for different areas of your mouth.

- Susan

Great product!

These brushes really work. I was really surprised because I didn't think they would go between narrow spaces, but they do. I have bridges and they work great - would recommend!

- Dianne

Love em!

Love these brushes, and have used them for years.

- Rodney