TePe® Supreme™


TePe Supreme™ is an innovative toothbrush with soft bristles in two levels. This design enables more efficient cleaning further in between the teeth and along the gum line. 

The two-level bristle design allows you to reach the gumline and further between the teeth plus clean the tooth surface to leave you healthy and refreshed.
No need to exert excessive pressure to get an efficient clean.
Stay comfortable during brushing with an easy-grip handle with thumb pad.


An Innovative Toothbrush For Healthy Smiles Every Day

More than just a toothbrush, the TePe Supreme is specially designed to help you clean further between the teeth and along the gum line. There’s no need to struggle to brush your teeth efficiently, achieve optimal oral care with ease using the TePe Supreme toothbrush. 


The Ultimate Comfort for the Best Brushing Experience

TePe Supreme has a tapered brush head so you can easily reach the back teeth without a struggle. To get into the farthest corners, the toothbrush neck can be angled - no heat necessary!


Sustainable products for a better tomorrow


The green leaf indicates that TePe sources 100% raw materials for
the toothbrush and interdental brush handles, as well as the flosser,
tongue cleaner, travel case, cap and extra grip, from either renewable feedstock* or certified renewable sources via the mass balance approach, the latter independently certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate PLUS (ISCC PLUS)


 Note: Available in multiple colors, ships according to availability. 

And with the non-slip handle, you’ll always keep a good grip while you’re brushing. 


You’ll feel the quality immediately when you choose TePe Supreme.

The TePe Supreme™ toothbrush has a two-level bristle design. The longer bristles clean further in between the teeth and along the gum line, while the shorter bristles efficiently clean the rest of the tooth surfaces. The Supreme toothbrush has a tapered brush head for easier reach of back teeth and a non-slip handle with thumb pad. The toothbrush neck can be angled without heating.

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