TePe® Special Care™


TePe Special Care™ is an ultra-soft toothbrush recommended for patients after oral surgery and for patients with sore or delicate tissues.


12,000 ultra-soft bristles for a delicate cleaning
First brush stage after oral surgery
Consult your dental professional regarding use of TePe Special Care™


TePe Special Care™ is a toothbrush with 12,000 ultra- soft bristles. This toothbrush is recommended for brushing after oral surgery and for patients with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy. It can be angled in hot water for better access.


Sustainable products for a better tomorrow


The green leaf indicates that TePe sources 100% raw materials for
the toothbrush and interdental brush handles, as well as the flosser,
tongue cleaner, travel case, cap and extra grip, from either renewable feedstock* or certified renewable sources via the mass balance approach, the latter independently certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate PLUS (ISCC PLUS)


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