TePe® Interspace™


Style: Soft (1 handle + 12 tips)

Soft (1 handle + 12 tips)
Medium (1 handle + 12 tips)

TePe Interspace™ is an angled single tuft brush with replaceable brush-tips. The angled head and the pointed tip improves access to hard-to-reach areas, such as furcations and behind the last tooth. 

Cleaning behind the last tooth, furcations, implants or fixed braces
Brush tips can be attached to either side of the handle for different angles
12 brush tips are included


TePe Interspace™ is a single tuft brush for cleaning areas such as the back of the last tooth, furcation, implants or around fixed braces. The removable brush tips can be attached on either side of the handle to change the angle of the brush head, which gives optimal access to hard-to-reach areas. Yellow tips have soft bristles. Blue tips have medium bristles .

 Note: Available in multiple colors, ships according to availability.


Sustainable products for a better tomorrow


The green leaf indicates that TePe sources 100% raw materials for
the toothbrush and interdental brush handles, as well as the flosser,
tongue cleaner, travel case, cap and extra grip, from either renewable feedstock* or certified renewable sources via the mass balance approach, the latter independently certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate PLUS (ISCC PLUS)


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