TePe® Implant Care Kit


The essential kit for healthy implants, developed in collaboration with dental experts. The kit is a collection of carefully selected specialist products. Effective plaque removal in and around implants made simple.

Bacteria in your mouth form a sticky mass called plaque which build up along the gum line, between implants, and on implant constructions. Daily and thorough plaque removal is essential to keep your implants and gums healthy.

The essential kit for healthy implants
Effective plaque removal in and around implants made simple
Developed in collaboration with dental experts

Products included in this kit:

  • 1x TePe® Compact Tuft™- A small, angled dome-shaped toothbrush that is ideal for precision cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas.

  •  1x TePe® Implant Orthodontic™- An extra slim toothbrush with a long, thin neck efficiently cleans along the gum line and narrow spaces.

  •  1x TePe® Universal Care™- A uniquely angled toothbrush with a small brush that helps clean inside surfaces.

  •  1x TePe® Bridge & Implant Floss (30 pcs) - Wide and spongy floss for efficient cleaning and sturdy ends for ease insertion and use.

  •  1x TePe® Interdental Brushes Extra Soft mixed pack (8 brushes) - The brushes have extra soft filaments, suitable for sensitive gums or post surgery. Use the brushes for cleaning between teeth and implants. Choose correct size and never force the brush into a space.

  •  1x Patient Information Leaflet - Information on how to best use the products to keep your implants healthy



Areas of use

     *Product colors may vary. Detailed description of use comes in the kit.

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